Welcome to the twelfth post of my Session Log!

Before the log, an update.

I’m trying to get more thoughtful for each image, no one-liners anymore. Also, now the data from SDVX コナステ is no longer synced to the newest SOUND VOLTEX version, so I have to unlock Cloud Crasher and Barbless Ego again.

Now, the log itself. Enjoy!

It’s been a while since I played this. Now, I played this as a blaster track for Barbless Ego, and got a surprisingly decent score. I’m not expecting that I can clear some parts that I thought was difficult just a while ago. If I’m lucky, I might reach S grade on this song.
Also, this song is nice.
I’m a fan of Yuta Imai now. I actually repeatedly played this song, and I can just say that this song is just amazing. I also listened to some of his songs, and they’re great tracks.
The chart is also enjoyable, and a lot of knob sounds just make it better.
If you like hardstyle, I really recommend to listen to Yuta Imai’s tracks, and also play this song!
I can’t quite get the feeling from playing this song. It’s a unique song, but a song that gets me confused.
Its chart is also, uh, unique. That one part in the middle, makes me tired fast.
Barbless Ego! The EXH is on the easier side, and the GRV is also enjoyable. I forgot to take a photo of the GRV score, sorry.
As for the song, it’s great, and also repeatable.

This concludes the twelfth edition of the session log, see you next time (when I have unlocked Cloud Crasher too and got the chance to take a photo of Barbless Ego’s GRV).

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