Welcome to the third post of Music Highlights, the series here I talk about the music that I discovered and listened to!

For this post, I aim to introduce harder sounds for my selections in this post, but I'll still start with an energetic song, so let's get started!

#1: Bliss

Let me start this Music Highlights with something funny. This is a BOFXVI entry, and if you're familiar with litmus*, you know the wackiness of all his BOF entries. It's fun listening to the song, and even more fun watching the BGA!

#2: Cyka Blyat

The next song is a HARDCORE TANO*C HARD release, from hardstyle musician Yuta Imai. His brand of hardstyle is something that I enjoy very much, and in this song, he incorporated elements of Russian music, such as the legendary hardbass.

Yuta Imai is also one of the artists I discovered through rhythm games, in this case it's the SOUND VOLTEX song Into the Madness. I just love the unique hardstyle sound this artist has.

#3: Ill

The next song also sounds hard, and it's from RoughSketch. The distorted kicks are a treat. The other sounds are also very cool. FASTER!

RoughSketch's main genre may be not for everyone, but at least I enjoy listening to it. I have a very wide open musical taste, and can listen to almost all genres, from cutesy idol songs to hard, unforgiving music.

#4: Thaumiel

Next, we have Team Grimoire's song in the STORYTELLER VOLUME 3 album, Thaumiel. Gothic Hardcore is quite interesting, combining two things at first glance dissimilar, but in the end blends just perfectly. Dark goes with Hard, it looks like. The kicks in this song are also very satisfying.

#5: amnesia

Closing this Music Highlights post is the latest track of Aiobahn, released under the western label STMPD RCRDS. In line with what the composer stated, this song is really quite the blast of the past, while still feeling notably modern. I think it's beautiful when musicians pay tribute to their inspirations. Also, two consecutive Music Highlights posts with an Aiobahn song. What a ride.

That concludes this Music Highlights post. See you on the next occasion!

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