It’s only been a few days and I have to write things like this…
This post may not be what you want to see. Approach with caution.

This is about one person. One person that I did not expect to receive so much hate. His contributions has helped me, and I still has a bit respect him. However, it seems that now he has quite the amount of enemies.

The reason? First, he got tired of other people’s antics, so well, he just starts blaming everyone else…

Second, he got so overprotective of his oshi, that when a certain fanart spreads through his circles, he basically got angry. After that, he tried to close off what he thinks as “cancer” people, but in the process, he basically just tried to place the blame on everyone else. This does not sit well with people that think he is overreacting, and since then this point becomes his everyday rant, I guess. He is also said to be a hypocrite because he posts other questionable fanarts, but got angry when others posts fanarts of his oshi.

Third, when his posts got deleted when others aren’t, I think he got jealous. And then he starts blaming others too

Probably by now, he sounds like someone who deserved getting hated. However, I have just one thing to say:
Please, return to peace.

People can be so determined in taking one person down, and this, I believe, is one instance where this happens. He is also getting taunts, and I also believe this is making things turn for the worse. He has his point of view, one that you may not agree with, but, well, that’s free speech. I am fine with his rants, but it seems others aren’t and started, well, ranting about his rants, which only cause him to believe his viewpoints more, and then making him just throw away his circle of friends. This has happened to one other person I know, and I don’t want this to cause even more hate.

We can prevent the worst outcome, but first, please, return to peace.

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