A few days ago, I attended Comic Frontier, Comifuro for short. It’s a marketplace event for doujinshi, or self-published works. If you have ever heard of Comiket, this is like the local version here.

I attended this event for both days, and with different intentions each day. I’ll cover what I did and experience in this post

Day 1

In Day 1, my primary aim is shopping and socializing. For that purpose, I prepared decent amounts of money.

I went to the venue a bit early, before the event officially starts, but there’s a considerable queue line already.

While waiting …

When the gates are opened, my first destination is Kyou Hobby Shop‘s booth. I paid visit to my friends there, while they’re still finalizing the preparation. It’s a good thing being around with people you know. After that, my next immediate action is to buy some Revue Starlight and Idolmaster Million Live keychains and stickers at the G-03b booth (that I didn’t reazlied was named Aruji Forces; my wallet would have cried if I had to add Touken Ranbu to the list of circle fandoms I would buy from) I discovered those items through a catalog post. I initally spent almost 75k IDR here, purchasing a Junna keychain, the Revue Starlight sticker set, and the Million Live sticker set. I thought I was done here.


As I explored the other circles, I found another booth selling Revue Starlight stuff, that I forgot precisely where it was located. I bought a Junna poster there, for around 20K IDR, I think.

After more exploring, I found two more booths selling Revue Starlight stuff, and they’re near each other. First, E-02a, self-deprecatingly named Trashcan. Spent 50K IDR there, buying a set of JunnaNana postcards, and another set of Revue Starlight stickers. One thing that’s interesting, there is a circle participant cosplaying as Shinnosuke Tomari from Kamen Rider Drive. There’s also references to Kamen Rider Zi-O in the booth.


Aside from E-02a, there’s E-01ab, named Yuri Nakama.I initially only wanted to buy yet another set of Revue Starlight stickers, a Junna keychain, and a Revue Starlight doujinshi comic, but the participants managed to convince me to buy a Nana keychain as well, so I bought it too. Then, I remembered about G-03b. I need to buy the Nana keychain too, and there’s where I met my friend that is also buying from G-03b, for his friend.

When I returned back to G-03b, a surprising sight beholds. One of the booth’s participant cosplayed as Junna Hoshimi from Revue Starlight, which is my favorite character from the series. I went on with acquiring the Nana keychain, then I asked to take a photo of the cosplayer who is also one of the booth’s participant.

I almost thought I saw Hinata Satou (Junna’s VA) instead…

I was pretty much done with all purchasing after this, so I went to gather with my friends at the local Idolmaster Million Live community. It’s only for a short while, though, since I had go back pretty quickly due to some stuffs that I had to do.

In total, I spent around 250K this day, mostly on Junna and Nana merchandise.

70% Revue Starlight content.

Day 2

My focus on Day 2 is primarily regarding booths. Nippon Club opened a booth here, and basically I was stationed there for the latter part of the day.

The second day is crazier than the first day, with random cheering sometimes heard. It is also unique, with new things that isn’t on the first day.

AERIALsq opened their booth on the second day only, but I still managed to have fun with their in-development rhythm game. The last time I tried the game is around 2 years ago, and the leap is noticeable. They have a kind of quest-based World system, and some new songs since I tried it previously. The difficulty curve increases considerably since they introduced a new type of note, the “swipe” note.

Peak of human power. I have to borrow a few pages from Lanota techinques to get a B here.

The second day also hosts the collaboration booth of Bapak Kau Drawposting x Logoposting x Perecehan Stekstual. The weird thing is that they have a cardboard stand of the titular character of Bapak Kau Drawposting, named Bapak Kau.

I can’t believe they’re sponsored by Kyou.id.

I went back to the Yuri Nakama booth (they opened both days) only to find this altar (the character in this altar is Gin Minowa, by the way).

Putting food and beverages here makes it look like an offering altar instead….

After fiddling around AERIALsq’s game, and finally got B in Encore above, I went back to Nippon Club’s booth. The location is near the G-03b booth I visited on Day 1. Then, I discovered that the same participant from yesterday cosplayed as the same Junna Hoshimi, but this time with the Revue costume.

Second day Junna.

In total, I spent much less than the first day, but still spent nonetheless, mostly thanks to the fact that I missed some Junna and Nana merchandise on the first day.

60% Revue content. Also Se(t)rika, which is a pun.


I bought things mostly from the Revue Starlight fandom, and a revival of purchasing stuff, after a few events of not purchasing stuff. Unique things keep me excited for the next Comic Frontier. See you in around 6 months, when the next Comic Frontier comes.

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