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SOUND VOLTEX Session Log #2

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Welcome back to the Session Log! I should have posted this on the 14th of February. Happy belated Valentine!

I like this song. This song originates from a BMS contest, and I somehow liked how this song sounded.
This song from the Omega Dimension Phase 5 is also good, but the score is sad :(.
This chart is nice. I didn’t achieve grade S though.
The struggle is real. I have to fix the small things to clear this.

There is one song that I said I like how it sounded. Listen here;

I think I have a soft spot for old BMS songs.

Thus ends this second session log. I haven’t unlocked V, even though beatmania IIDX is available in my area, because reasons. I would probably try to unlock in the next session though.

This session log mainly discusses about new high scores on older songs, to measure how much I improved since I visited those songs a long time ago.

Welcome to the twentieth session log. This blog post actually covers last month’s update, the one with Nhelv in it, but I only got to post this now. Now,

It’s kinda overdue, but it’s that time of the year again. A new phase of Omega Dimension has started! I unlocked all level 18s, and unlocked one 19