Yuika, a simple blog theme

Yuika, a simple blog theme

Welcome to the project page for Yuika, a simple blog theme for Ghost. This page will contain documentation for the Yuika theme.

What is this?

Yuika is the current theme of this blog. It has been developed over the course of at least two years, and recently unified under the Shian design framework that powers my website and blog. The theme does not use many colors, but it has an emphasis on images. It is responsive, and pretty optimized for speed and size.

Origin of the name

I, at the time, discovered about THE IDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors, and stumbled upon Yuika Mitsumine, an idol character from the unit L'Antica. Yuika herself is into many subcultures and has a lot of interests, from anime to games to idols, like I do, and reflected in the topics this blog cover, so I decided to name the theme after her.


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