Welcome to the first post of my new article series, Music Highlights! I love music and I listen to a lot of music too, so I think it will be a good idea to share those in a regular post, to share my love for music.

Without further ado, I'll begin the first Music Highlights with post 5 music selections from this week and last week!

#1: Dummo Loop

Starting this Music Highlights post is definitely one of my favorite tunes of this week, WAVEDASH's Dummo Loop. The song is very catchy, with uses of voice samples to great effect. Girl you knock me up.

I first knew of WAVEDASH from Porter Robinson's Secret Sky festival, and in fact Porter Robinson's tweet brought me to know of this new release. Very nice.

#2: For The Win

Next is Minato Aqua's song, "For The Win", written for the League of Legends 2020 Championship. A pleasantly surprising fact is that this song is written, composed, and arranged by Neko Hacker,  a composer unit with "kawaii future rock" as their flagship genre, fusing rock music with elements of kawaii future bass. In the case of Minato Aqua's song, this becomes an uplifting rock that is very cute-sounding, fitting for Aqua's cute voice.

#3: Alter Ego (ARForest Remix)

Then, we have a remix by ARForest for one of Morimori Atsushi's songs, Alter Ego. This remix is part of a special goods set that includes, among other things, a special CD containing remixes of several songs and their originals. Here, ARForest's signature sound shines, lending the song an emotional quality. This is why I like listening to ARForest's works, because they're just amazing sound-wise, and an incredible ability to impart emotions through the sound, like in The Last Page, submitted as an entry for the BOFXV and FRENZ2019 events.

#4: Alone intelligence

In the realm of emotions, let's talk about Camellia's latest song reupload, from the heart of android album! This album is noticeably more emotional than most of Camellia's other albums, due to the concept, and the first track of the album is no exception. Camellia's sounds that you usually hear in high-level rhythm games, when applied to emotional music like this, is a treat to both the head and the heart. It's one of my favorite tracks from the whole album, and one of my favorite songs overall.

#5: Ziqqurat

Lastly, we have a new song from Vocaloid electronic music producer Yunosuke, part of upcoming album Proto. The signature sounds of Yunosuke that I usually hear in rhythm games, combined with Vocaloid production, is really great on this song.

That concludes the very first post of Music Highlights. I try to make the posts here regular, with weekly or biweekly posts. See you on the next post!



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