Hello, and welcome to another post of Music Highlights, where I talk about music I found that I particularly like!

Towards the end of March, the number of songs is staggeringly high, and the songs that I gathered have to be divided into two parts, the first part being this post and the second part will be Music Highlights #12, which will be posted around the usual cadence. The songs that I will talk about in this post are also quite diverse in terms of sound, and will also let me shine some light in several media series I am keeping a watchful eye on.

Now, onto the songs themselves.

#1: les plumes

Starting off this post, is probably the second song from IDOLY PRIDE I've mentioned in this entire post series. I am probably quite heavily leaning to TRINITYAiLE songs for my song preferences, and the composer is no small factor.

This song is quite different from the previous TRINITYAiLE songs, but I feel like it's an evolution from those songs, especially Aile to Yell, which I think is at least partially due to the position of the song in the anime, being performed by the group in the NEXT VENUS Grand Prix semi-finals. This, I think, is at least partially intentional, doing an evolution of the TRINITYAiLE sound to showcase how far they have come, and I like it that way.

#2: Ethos Choir caravan

Next is a release from fhána, from their Ethos single. The reason why I picked this version, is because of a very interesting fact: the backing vocals are contributed by their fans, the fhánamily.

2020 has been a particularly tough time for everyone, with people forced to stay home, and under lockdown. This song is based on that reality, summing the year and lining up hope for 2021. Because these times also made performing the song in lives harder, fhána turned to fans to help them create a song together. With a total of 179 fans singing and an astounding 456 choruses, the result is as beautiful as its process: I am really moved by this song.

#3: In My Soul

Sorry for the abrupt change in genre, the next song  is the first release on Monstercat from musician Masayoshi Iimori. I have been following his releases for quite some time now, and hearing his debut on Monstercat surprises me quite a bit.

This song has a pretty unique sound, sound that is on-brand for Masayoshi Iimori, with its rough-sounding synths. It is something that I have took a liking to.

#4: bent

Next is a song from an artist that recently caught my attention again, and it's DE DE MOUSE. I have heard of this artist several times by now, and his discography is very, very interesting. So, what is the latest thing that made me check this artist again? The fact that he is one of the soundtrack composers for the anime Wonder Egg Priority! While the news surrounding it isn't that great, it is very clear that the staff is passionate at working on this anime, including the music department.

A very interesting thing about the sound of Wonder Egg Priority is how upbeat it can get sometimes. As this song is incorporated into the soundtrack, I can feel it in this song. I really should give the anime a try, huh.

#5: .LC0: .string "Hello World!"

The final song in this Music Highlights post has a very interesting thing in it too: the lyrics are literally Assembly language. Capchii managed to write an EDM song around assembly language lyrics.

Now, time for some fun facts: the lyrics seems to be using Intel syntax for assembly, which probably means that the lyrics are most likely obtained from disassembly, instead of direct assembly output from the compiler (although it's possible for GCC to output Intel-syntax assembly). It is still very interesting overall.

That was the songs I brought in this post, see you on the next Music Highlights post!



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