Welcome to another Music Highlights post, where I talk about songs I've listened to and pretty like.

This Music Highlights post was essentially a continuation of #11, since all of those songs are gathered in March. There are just so many good releases on March.

Anyways, let's talk about this post's music!

#1: GIRI-GIRI borderless world

First of all, another IDOLY PRIDE song. I think I was much more receptive to LizNoir songs now, with this inclusion into a Music Highlights post. It is a very unrelenting song, the intense intro having caught me off-guard, and it's quite aggressive-sounding.

IDOLY PRIDE is definitely something that I would recommend to check out for a bit. It is planned to have a game release later, and so I am already prepared to talk about it in this blog. Just wait for its release.

#2: ナミダ・アーカイブ

Next, we have a Marpril song, composed by KOTONOHOUSE. This is one of my favorite KOTONOHOUSE works so far, with its satisfying bassline, and a melody that is pretty memorable. I absolutely love the mid part of the song, with its club aesthetics.

#3: シロプスα (feat. 安藤啓希)

Then, we have a new Denonbu song, first revealed during 1st GAME (I talked about it in a post a while ago). Siropus Alpha is a ball of cute, going for the kawaii future bass style. The music exudes cute energy, with synths that remind me of chiptune, a happy melody, and vocals from the three Harajuku casts that are just adorable. The chants in the middle are the absolute cutest things on Denonbu right now. Harajuku just exudes big cute energy for me.

#4: Fluffy Blue Comet

After that, we have an irucaice release! Irucaice is a Vocaloid producer that I have been looking on very closely for quite some time, including their win in the first Project Sekai contest. This time, the song is a really sparkling pop, and I also like how Miku was tuned in the song. It feels as if I'm in space.

#5: S.T.L.

Finally, we delve into hard songs as I talk about Yuta Imai's release S.T.L. He always brings out very interesting hard songs, and this song is no exception. For this track, he brings out a lot of things to the mix, including including acid bass. I also quite like his reverse bass sound design. As a result, the song is very very interesting to listen to.




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