Welcome to the thirteenth post in the Music Highlights series, where I talk about music I found and like.

This Music Highlights post was delayed due to health reasons preventing me from writing for some time, but all is well now. April brought quite a lot of songs that I really, really like, including one release I have been anticipating anxiously since last year, so I was really happy to finally talk about it now that it has been fully revealed to the world. This post is basically just some of my favorite artists releasing things at around the same period, which is kinda mind-blowing. What a month of releases.

Now, onto the songs themselves.

#1: Omoide Shiritori

First things first, let's start with an anime opening. DIALOGUE+'s Omoide Shiritori is a song that got me hooked immediately, and not without reason. DIALOGUE+ 8-person unit vocals are quite a treat to listen to, very energetic instrumentals in play, and lastly, there's actual shiritori on the lyrics, although not the entire song (that would be a nightmare to accomplish lol).


Then, probably one of my favorite virtual singers out there, Hoshimachi Suisei! This song has one of my favorite instrumentals for a Hololive song, period. The chorus has probably one of my favorite drum sections. Suisei's vocals have also been proven to be one of my favorites too, and she's been in my virtual singer shortlist for quite some time, she is onto great things. The lyrics, though, with what Suisei's been through, it's... relatable.

#3: Unfold

Next, is a single from one of my most anticipated releases this year. Porter Robinson's nurture album is an absolute journey to listen to from start to finish. Each and every song in this album is quite personal to Porter, with clear meaning being imparted unto them. I think I have my own feelings touched by almost every track in the album already (one episode of which led to a post).

This particular single is the only collaboration track in the main album (there is a collaboration bonus track in the Japanese edition of the album, but that's for another day), and it's one of the slower songs in the album. The soundscape is absolutely surreal, with equally as surreal and touching lyrics.

I was setting in stone until I noticed it right
Do you see how you’ve grown?
Don’t be sorry, then
And I fall from my bones
And now I know I’m alive
I want you to find it
- Unfold, Porter Robinson


Let's get away from being emo to being cheerful, which is right where this song is situated in. Moe Shop has been one of my favorite electronic music artists, and this new single from them cements that position for me. With groovy basslines, sweet vocal samples, and an ending section that is quite unique-sounding, this song delivers great.


Lastly, and this is very interesting, there's this latest release from Aiobahn, serving as the theme song to upcoming game NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE. This is... a very interesting listen, with a Eurobeat base that is markedly different but unique from what Aiobahn usually makes (also check out their release from STMPD RECORDS together with Mick Mazoo here, not covered in this post). Further supporting the song is the aesthetics of the video, which I absolutely dig.

That concludes this Music Highlights post, see you on the (hopefully on time) next post!



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