Welcome to the twenty-second post of Music Highlights, where I talk about music I found and liked, to simply put it.

This week has very interesting releases, from Denonbu new releases to varying new approaches, from some of my favorite artists, so it's very exciting!

Now, let's talk about the music themselves!

#1: Catch a Fire

First, I'm going to highlight another returning Denonbu composer. This time, it's Kenmochi Hidefumi returning to make a new song for Tama Kurogane, Catch a Fire! His previous track for Denonbu, Itadaki Babel, is one of the most popular songs hailing from Denonbu, and he's destined for greatness in this second track. Fortunately, he did not disappoint. The style adopted for this particular song is similar to Itadaki Babel, incorporating quite the amount of sampled sounds, but this time, the drop was a lot more bombastic, with an out-of-left-field mini-drop happening in the middle of it. However, Kenmochi definitely honed his craft; this song is still catchy af.

#2: Glitter

Next, I want to highlight a release from ARForest's label #ffffff Records. The entire EP, Antique -une autre fois-, in general is amazing, so you should check them out, but I'm just going to post one here, and that's Systile's Glitter. The synths used here is honestly amazing, and the utilization of band-like instruments makes it quite comfy. The later part of the song reminds me of several of my favorite artists too, which I thoroughly enjoy.

The crossfade to the EP can be found here, where you can also find the links to listen to the EP itself.

#3: Pirikarira

Next, we have the first song from Rinahamu's new idol unit HO6LA. This song is made by KOTONOHOUSE, and it's quite apparent just from listening from the first few seconds. The lead synth is absolutely full of energy, and KOTONOHOUSE's bass sound delivers the punch. The title reminds me of the CY8ER song, Doki Doki Parirarura. Is it intentional? I don't know, it might be.

#4: Stellar Stellar

After that, lets talk about one of my favorite VTuber-VSingers, Hoshimachi Suisei! Sui-chan recently released her first album, Still Still Stellar, and the lead track, Stellar Stellar was written by none other TAKU INOUE himself, who also made 3:12 with Suisei back then. TAKU INOUE's approach for this particular song resembles a lot of the more space-related TAKU INOUE songs, like Antigravity Girl and Raika, but the result is awesome. Suisei's voice works well with mellow songs like 3:12 as well as more energetic songs like this one too.

#5: Look at The Sky (phritz cover vip)

Finally, there's this cover VIP from phritz, covering Look at the Sky. While Porter's original song is amazing, phritz's original cover elevates it even further with acoustic guitars, piano, and violins! The one I linked here, however, is a recent alternate version, which a "bigger" version, as quoted from the description. It incorporates more electronic sounds than the original cover, with all the good stuff that their sound design has.

That's it for today's Music Highlights, see you on the next post!



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