Hello, and welcome to the sixth post in Music Highlights, where I post about music I particularly like.

January of this year has been doing pretty great for me. I worked on some things that is in my wishlist for a while, and most importantly, there are great music releases making this year start off pretty strong! While I also cover some 2020 releases in here because I only discovered them recently, the 2021 release is certainly very interesting.

Without further ado, to the highlights.

#1: Doki Doki Parirarura (Respect. CY8ER)

I'm putting yet another Denonbu song in my Music Highlights post. It is just too powerful.

First of all, this is a cover song of the version sung by CY8ER, that in turn was originally sung by its predecessor BPM15Q. I can see the reason this is the song that got covered by Denonbu's Harajuku unit.  The song itself is a bop, I'll say. It just compels me to move, for some reason. The sweet, cutesy vocals combined with Yunomi's very interesting style of music makes it very, very catchy.

The other significant detail of this song is the timing of its release. It was first revealed during ASOBINOTES ONLINE FEST 2nd, and is also one of the last performances of CY8ER before its final live at Nippon Budokan. The fact that this song is covered, for me conveys a meaning, that CY8ER will be remembered, and its songs will live on, as shown by this cover. From BPM15Q, to CY8ER, and now Denonbu.  

#2: Go!Action (Runa Narumi ver.)

Next is from a seiyuu unit whose songs are pretty recently added to streaming services, and thank God it's available here too. I happen to follow some media franchises, of which 4 out of 5 members of SoundOrion are in. However, for this Music Highlights post, I would like to talk about one of its members, specifically the one with image color yellow: Runa Narumi.

First of all, full disclosure. I probably listened to this song way too many times, because it's Runa. No wonder, she's the voice actor of one of my favorite characters, Yuika Mitsumine! However, there's more to it...

My first reaction upon listening to this solo version for the first time, is this:

It's all one person?

This is all one person. Runa's vocal prowess is no joke. The music is fine, but Runa's vocals make it much more interesting.

A piece of composer trivia regarding this song messed with my head for a good amount of time. Hisashi Nawata was credited for this song, and when I searched that name, what appeared is RISLIM -Remix-. A few clicks later, I'll just say, what did I just discover.

#3: Itsuka Kumo ga Haretanara

Next, is the second song from the double A-side single of voice actor and singer Maaya Uchida. The detail that makes this single very interesting, is in the credits. For the two A-side songs, they're a tag-team effort between two musicians I enjoy very much, kz and TAKU INOUE.

This song in particular is composed by kz and arranged by TAKU INOUE. The result of this is very, very enjoyable to listen. I can hear both influences in this track, with Maaya Uchida's vocals putting this song firmly onto one of my highlights.

#4: Meant 2 B

Then, we have a new release from nanobii! This song really is a blast to the past era of happy hardcore. All the familiar elements of the genre is here, yet it still feels very unique, with nanobii's own vocals serving as soundbites.

I think it's beautiful when musicians pay tribute to the songs they love, and even better when they enjoy it so much:

The dance is infectious! I am now dancing while writing this post. EURO RAVE POWER!

#5: Happy... Good day!

Finally, I am covering one of the releases in the simultaneous HARDCORE TANO*C album release. This one's from DJ Genki, offering us a more calm song compared to the previous entry here. A very interesting detail here, is that Nijisanji VTubers are involved, the four VTubers forming Dokuzuhonsha to be exact. While I am not that knowledgeable in Nijisanji, I heard that they are good friends.

I like this song a lot, even from only the crossfade. It is somewhat a very beautiful song, if on brand for DJ Genki.

That concludes this Music Highlights post, see you next post!



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