Welcome to another post of Music Highlights, where I talk about music that I found and I quite liked.

While in between this one and the previous Music Highlights, I had my final exams. However, this does not stop me from listening to music, and I found several that I liked. This Music Highlights are quite varied, but probably leans to the hard side.

Without further ado, to the list:

#1: Lay

First, a new release from utaite kradness. Lay is part of kradness' latest album "Memento", where notably kradness tries his hand on song arrangement! Most of the songs are co-arranged with one other musicians, and a few are solely arranged by kradness.

The self-arrangement gave the song quite a personal touch to it, and kradness' vocals shines as always.

#2: Comet Coaster

Then, a joint release from DJ Noriken & aran! This song is part of a collaboration with Muse Dash, released recently. This song highlights both of the artists' styles, with DJ Noriken's energetic hardcore sound blending in with aran's more ethereal sound design, giving it a lasting impression on me.

#3: enchanted love

Next is a BOFXVI entry from linear ring! I only put it here now because of its recent addition to Arcaea, but it is definitely something magical to listen to. It sounds like it's derived from Glitch Hop, but it's brighter than what I usually listen to (the BMS genre is Future Hop / Emotional, so I think I was right).

#4: Animosity

Then, we have another rhythm game song release, this time from Laur! Laur's approach on hardcore has always interested me for some time, and Animosity, included as part of a recent WACCA update, is no exception. As a hard-sounding song with mysterious and gothic elements, this is something that I enjoyed very much. Towards the end of the song, it becomes a lot more rapid and chaotic, which I love.

#5: 星をめざして (Hardcore Remix)

Finally, for the first time in the Music Highlight series, I'm putting up a song remix, with ETIA.'s hardcore remix of 星をめざして (Hoshi wo Mezashite), sung by Asahi Serizawa from THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors!

Hoshi wo Mezashite is part of the first Shiny Colors image songs, released on the COLORFUL FE@THERS series of albums. This one is on the first album on the series, COLORFUL FE@THERS -Stella-. In my opinion, I will place it as one of the best, if not the best song coming out of that album, with a very well-done instrumental, and Asahi's ear-worm phrases.

As for the remix, it's not entirely hardcore, but it is decidedly an ETIA. song. Very lit track I can dance to, and more importantly, the earworm phrases are retained! (I want my raripa, okay?)

That concludes this Music Highlights post, see you soon on the next post!



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