Welcome to another post of Music Highlights, a series of posts where I talk about music I like!

Entering March, there are some real-life events that make me excited for what's to come. Alongside those, I have been holding a Walrus song event on one of my Discord servers, and I will report back soon on it in a special Music Highlights post. My music explorations on March are also very lit, with several releases from my favorite artists, a discovery on SoundCloud, and an artist highlight!

Now, let's dive right into the song selections this time!

#1: Wonder NeverLand

First, we have the first song from Nijisanji's PALETTE series, Wonder NeverLand. Like the first anniversary song Virtual to LIVE, the song is composed by kz (livetune). This time however, the song is also co-arranged with yashikin, which made it all the more interesting for me.

This is definitely appropriate as an anthem song, and it made me remember similar impactful anthems (I am thinking M@STERPIECE here, since it shares the same key as Wonder NeverLand, Kosaki Satoru's sound is one of a kind however). Very enjoyable to listen to.

#2: empty

Next, is a SoundCloud discovery, from composer lalanoi. Part of the Migratory Bird compilation album, their entry can only be described as amazing, and listening to this song is quite an experience. The percussion sounds are otherworldly, with this liquid-like feeling. The musical lead is also amazing, God bless lalanoi.

#3: Musician

“But sincerely: Can’t you feel what I’m feeling?”

Then, we have the final single from Porter Robinson's nurture album, Musician. The song is quite sounding in contrast to previous revealed singles from the nurture album with its unique elements. "Fuck it, let's have fun."

Several classic elements such as the 808 drum sound, and the "Wew! Yea!" sample at the second half of the song really elevated the song to "extremely fun" territory. The lyrics are also heavy as usual, with the lyric transition to "I burn up, burn out" of particular notice.

The nurture album will be one album I will heavily recommend to the creatives, it is simply amazing with how it tackles problems experienced by creators. "I just can't stop, I'm sorry".

#4: Unsan-musho

After that, another new Camellia track! Unsan-musho, part of releases from HARDCORE TANO*C, reminds me of some of his own tech-dance tracks like the one in TERA I/O. Camellia's lead sound is also enjoyable as usual, I definitely can dance to this.

#5: ユメの喫茶店

Finally, I'm highlighting one of the composers in charge of Blue Archive's BGM, Mitsukiyo. I mentioned them in my review of Blue Archive as part of the soundtrack shout-out I wrote there. Well, I did some explorations of my own, and turns out, yeah, their style is just the right one for Blue Archive. Their albums are quite enjoyable to listen to as background music.

That concludes this Music Highlights post, see you on the next one!



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