A Virtual Beginning

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A Virtual Beginning



It's been two years since my first post appeared here. Within those two years, a lot has changed, first with the blog theme, and with the content focus. I started this blog primarily writing about my SOUND VOLTEX scores. As time went on, I started writing game review posts, which became my primary content when the 2020 pandemic hits, which is where my regular posting became irregular. Then, late in 2020, inspired by a new franchise heavily focused in music, I started writing posts talking about music I like.

In the meantime, I have a YouTube channel where I post generally contents without voice. While the pace at where I make content is slow, I've been thinking on how to expand the channel for a while now. 2020 comes, and I discovered a format perfect for what I'm envisioning for the expansion of the channel, and building a new project based on it. Now, I think the time is ripe for me to reveal what it is.

Announcing my start as a Virtual YouTuber

This has been a long way in the making (almost one year of planning!), but today, I'm officially starting as a Virtual YouTuber!

My focus as a Virtual YouTuber is essentially a continuation of the topics this blog covers, as that is what I'm currently comfortable at producing. This blog will not go away, in fact, my activities as a Virtual YouTuber will only enhance it from now on. Several categories of streams that I do will have a companion post published on this blog, such as game reviews.

My debut date is currently set at June 19th, 2021. There's a lot of things that I'm excited to bring as part of my start as a Virtual YouTuber, so be sure to catch me during my debut!

More information about my debut can be found on my website.



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