Welcome to a new SOUND VOLTEX Session Log post in a long time.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of arcade game centers in my place to close, and the pandemic went for really long, hence the year-long pause to this SOUND VOLTEX Session Log post. Furthermore, in the meantime, SOUND VOLTEX itself got a new version: EXCEED GEAR. There's too much things to fully understand for condensing what's new in this version to one post, so I'll just let the photos do the talking for now.

Note: I am compliant with health protocols for COVID-19 while in this visit. Masks and gloves, and I also sprayed the cabinet with sanitizer just in case.

Now, onto the scores.

My room screen
Glad that my SDVX best girl is still here. I was so worried that my data would get wiped out.
Song selection screen
Why is this an 18?
Boy meets blue MXM 17 9851485
The very first play of the year, I immediately tried a level 17. My skills haven't degraded that much, thankfully.
#EmoCloche MXM 18 9833641
One of my favorite songs from the BEMANI Remix contest, it's so fun to play too...
eternite MXM 18 9903799
The first S of the year, eternite is one of my favorite 9th KAC contest songs (it's added in VIVID WAVE, but haven't got the time to try it until now)
Chronomia MXM 19 9524702
I tried out a new MXM 19 from EXCEED GEAR, and it did not go well. Still warming up, after all.
Booths of Fighters EXH 17 9869158
Obligatory BOF course for the end of the day! This score is actually a surprise even to me. 

This concludes the first SOUND VOLTEX Session Log post in over a year. It's pretty wild to get to play SOUND VOLTEX right after my announcement of starting as a Virtual YouTuber too.



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