Welcome to the tenth post of Music Highlights, where I talk about music discoveries and latest releases I found!

So, this is the middle of March. My song listening sessions were a bit reduced this time. However, I still keep up with song releases, and they are great as always, although some releases more surprising than others. Real life is going pretty smoothly too at this point, so everything is pretty alright. Tomorrow, there will be also a special occasion for me to celebrate, just wait for a post in the coming days :).

Now, onto the music highlight.

#1: Daft Punk - One More Time (Nhato Bootleg)

This one was pretty surprising. Revealed during Otographic Arts 135, this is Nhato's second music upload on their YouTube channel, after the award-winning remix of Mori Calliope's "失礼しますが、RIP♡". This time, it's a tribute remix to Daft Punk, a legendary electronic music duo hailing from France.

Nhato's synthesizer sounds has been one of my personal favorites, and this song is no exception. It is 8 minutes of absolutely vibing to this song, and paying respect to the legends.

#2: jam

This one is another surprising release. I knew that Neko Hacker had written songs for commercial works before (one of those songs being in the very first Music Highlights post) , but Aimi Tanaka as the singer is surprising.

The first Aimi Tanaka role I knew was the namesake from Himouto! Umaru-chan, but recently she caught my attention again for her role as Kohaku Okuzora in the soon-to-be-released game THE iDOLM@STER STARLIT SEASON. Neko Hacker, as I said on the first Music Highlights, has mainly fusion of rock and kawaii future bass, which I like very much.


The highlights from this one are primarily from artists I knew from rhythm games, so bear with me.

For number three, I chose to go with an Arcaea recent release. C-Show's first Arcaea appearance is really fun to listen to, with such heavy bass and a slowdown in the middle of the song. The chart in-game also looks fun, so I'm looking forward to try it out.


Next is a collaboration between Dictate and Silentroom. It is an experience to listen to this song. The synths are just very, very surreal, and listening to how the sounds mix together is a treat in itself.

My first exposure to Silentroom was the top rank of BOFU2017, Nhelv. That song left a really lasting impression on me, very very interesting.

#5: Orison

Finally, from the Cytus II game, is Iris' Orison. Their music has unique characteristics that I rarely heard in music games. The synths are some of my personal favorites, and their recent explorations in unusual meters yielded very interesting results, with this song and DELiVER getting into my personal favorite music playlist too.

That conclude this Music Highlights post, see you tomorrow and on the next Music Highlights post!

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