Welcome to a new Music Highlights post!

This Music Highlights posts is mostly a reminiscing of past releases, as I dig up what I've never heard before, and those long in my listening playlists (although there's one recent releases covering an older one).

Now, onto the releases themselves.

#1: Inner Blue

First, we have something from 2018. Pasocom Music Club's retro-style music has always had a special place in my heart, and I find myself coming back to it from time to time. This time, what I've decided to bring here is a track from their 2018 album Dream Walk.

The song itself is something that I would listen on a calm day. Retro-style synths and drums are things I will never get tired of,

#2: 無重力ランデヴー (PSB Remix)

Next, is admittedly a personal bias, but which surprised me is another name attached to it. I followed SoundOrion because one of its members is the voice actor of Mitsumine Yuika, Narumi Runa (I talked about a solo version of a song, sung by her in post #6). However, the reason I talk about this song isn't because of SoundOrion, it's because of the remixer.

PlusTech Squeeze Box is an artist that I've been looking at for some time, because of people mentioning their name on their impression of POPLINKS TUNE!!!!! (another cartoony-style song, although that one's definitely heavier in bass, thanks Mifumei). Their style feels distinctly cartoon-like, and that can also be felt in this particular remix. The cartoony feeling of this remix is very spot on, with bouncy rhythm, cartoony strings, and the sound effects.

PS: They have written a song for SpongeBob before. Yep, cartoon-style.

#3: sleep sleep

The third song in this post is from an artist that I recently discovered when I paid attention to credits. While looking at a list of Kizuna AI songs, there's one song produced by this particular artist, Maison ette Maison.

While the one for Kizuna AI has quite notable band presence, sleep sleep less so, being quite reminiscent of lo-fi songs (well, name checks out, I guess). The soundscape is dreamy, with reverbs heard clearly here, and the vocals also supports the song quite nicely.  

#4: Gardenia feat. 倉先

Then, we have another artist and song I've just recently discovered (thanks, my SoundCloud timeline!). Honestly, it sounds really nice, with instruments such as piano and guitar together with the drums making a combination that fits its Artcore description.

#5: 音がする

Finally, in the last entry of this post, we have a unique combination of two artists with quite different styles. First, there's yuigot, with a lot of works on the Kawaii Future Bass genre, and there's Hasegawa Hakushi, whose works can only described as freeform jazz, and it's very wild. So what happens when the two collaborated? A slightly less wild song having the best of both worlds. I did not expect yuigot's Kawaii Future Bass and Hasegawa Hakushi's freeform jazz to blend so well.

That concludes this Music Highlights post, the first one after I started my VTuber project, and see you next post!



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