Welcome to the fifteenth post in the Music Highlights series, where I talk about music I like!

This post contains some real curious type of songs, from J-Pop to mind-boggling rhythm game music, and two of this post's songs have VTubers involved in it.

Now, onto today's music!

#1: Aegleseeker

Another new Arcaea pack finally arrived, and it's the contest winners pack! Aside from its partner (whose design I quite like), the music in the pack is very interesting. The grand prize spot was taken by two very interesting artists: Silentroom and Frums.

In that light, I find deliverance.

The combination of the two artists' styles are quite interesting in itself. Silentroom seems to be using sounds reminiscent of their lighter songs, and Frums, well, it's Frums. It sounds so technical, it's like witnessing a carefully constructed puzzle. If that's a thing.

#2: Happy Ice Cream

Next in line is yet another SoundOrion song (I really like this group, primarily because Yuika Mitsumine's seiyuu is there, okay). SoundOrion has been evolving their sound quite rapidly in recent times, and this single reflects that evolution really well. However, I'd like to give a shout out to the composer for this song, because it is really surprising for me initially. The composer is actually Junky, the Vocaloid producer!

I've been enamored by their J-rock + chiptune style ever since someone sent me Ai-mai Chocolate, which I loved. Getting Junky to write the song is a really great move for me. Please check out their work in Project Sekai, Ai no Material, it's also amazing.

#3: Wonder Wonder Trip

After that, let's talk about D4DJ. While I am more of a Denonbu fan, I still try to follow the song releases of D4DJ. This track is from Photon Maiden's 2nd single, Be with the world. While the main song is not something to my liking, the coupling caught me off-guard, partially because of a surprising composer appearance.

This time, it's the EDM producer Rasmus Faber, who had worked on some of my favorite EDM anime soundtracks, like the soundtrack for The Asterisk War. As for the song itself, it's quite recognizable as a Rasmus Faber track, primarily because of the melodic lines.  The DnB production is also quite remarkable too.


The first of the two VTuber songs in this post, this is a quite surprising collaboration between Kizuna AI and electronic music producer Moe Shop. I've been listening to quite many Moe Shop songs recently, and this collaboration just suddenly came out of the blue.

The song itself is really cool, reminds me of a remix that the music producer did back then, it's quite classy. The MV visuals also really supported the song's vibe, looking quite old-school. Even more surprising, is that it's also an advertisement! Kizuna AI is quite the interesting virtual content creator.

#5: TrickStar

Finally, the second of the VTuber songs in this post, I'd like to bring attention to a yet another very surprising composer appearance in this song sung by Nijisanji virtual content creators. The composer? Zekk. I myself have been monitoring Nijisanji music because their composer selections can be intriguing, but this is one of the times that they pleasantly surprised me.

As for what the song sounds like, it sounds like mainstream J-EDM crossed over with rhythm game music, which is actually quite pleasant to my ears. Overall, what a surprise.

That concludes this Music Highlights posts, the next Music Highlights post will be... right near my VTuber debut shudders. Good luck to me, I guess.



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