Welcome to yet another Music... post? I would like to interrupt the regular Music Highlights schedule with a music post focusing on a specific playlist! The playlist I decided to post about this time is Denonbu's "Hidaka Reina Favorite Music". You can check out the playlist right here:

Now, let's start our journey in Hidaka Reina's favorite music playlist!

#1: Favorite Days

As this is Reina's playlist, it's not surprising that it starts with Reina's image song, Favorite Days! This song is certainly quite a nice fit for the DJ floor, being composed by kz, who is a frequent appearance on venues like MOGRA. I also somehow really like Shidomi Yuuka's voice, and of course Reina cute. :reinawow:

#2: ilusion

My first reaction: "Wait, Pa's Lam System is still active?". Yes, this song is produced by Pa's Lam System, who is behind several songs that I still remember to this day. I cannot overstate how much I wanted to listen to a recent Pa's Lam System, and I'm very satisfied listening to this song.

#3: 流星ダンスフロア

ORESAMA! Being from the Akiba area, I'm pleasantly surprised that Reina also puts in anisong acts, like this one. This particular song has a nice city pop feel to it.

#4: can't take my eyes off you

Reina is surprisingly pretty deep into VTubers. The first virtual creator song in this playlist, Shikibu Meguri delivers quite nicely with a future bass track.

#5: houkagonodancefloor - KOTONOHOUSE remix

Virtual after virtual, this time, it's KOTONOHOUSE's remix of a somunia song! Being a KOTONOHOUSE song, their signature voice sample (Eh, Atashi?!) is there, but holy cow the sounds are really great.


Reina really likes VTubers. She has also shown herself to really like TEMPLIME, too, considering she brought four TEMPLIME songs in her 1st GAME set. Because of that, it's not surprising that a TEMPLIME song appeared in the playlist this early.

Link Rot starts being future bass-like, but that isn't the true drop. What comes next is mind-blowing. Things just started going wild. Good job TEMPLIME.

#7: last drip

TEMPLIME after TEMPLIME, this time, it is much calmer and has a cafe-like vibe. Sung by ZERO Project's Kumano Poemi, this feels more akin to a resting point before continuing.

#8: Blank Paper

Second Denonbu plug! The third TEMPLIME song in a row but breaking the VTuber chain, Blank Paper is an easy-listen 2-step garage, with turntable scratches! Blank Paper is especially a very nice opener for the Akiba girls, with its lyrics.

#9: ゴールデンスパイス

Okay, we're starting the VTuber chain again, from the virtual idol group GEMS COMPANY, jointly produced by DearStage and... Square Enix? What are you doing here? The Square Enix name is honestly one of my biggest surprise discovery, I just did not expect it. Unsurprisingly though. the song is very idol-like.

#10: Neon Light

I will preface this section with this gem (late pun not intended):

(Flanger FX)(ネオンライト イントロ)行け行け行け行け!行け行け行け行け!オイオイオイオイオイ!オーーイ!FOOOOOO おいリワインドしろリワインド!リワインドしろ(リワインドする音)FOOOOOイエイエイエイエイエイFOOパーッパパパーパッパパッパーパッパッパー(イントロ合唱)

This is a pretty well-known TEMPLIME song, and that text almost always appears in events where this song is played. That aside, Neon Light is a pretty nice song.

#11: twinkle night

Second somunia song, and this time, it's a pretty well-known too. This is one of the pretty unique-sounding songs in this playlist overall, I don't have the words to describe this, it's just... iconic.

#12: ねむたいUFO

Next is from an artist that I have never heard before, METRO MEW. The vibes are amazing. The 8-bit sounds are on point. The vibe is accurate as the artist description, it feels like I'm in an empty space.

#13: J-POPは終わらない

A song with heavy 80s-90s influence, this is from another artist I've never heard before, SASUKE. The synths are seriously dope, oh my. It's quite catchy too.

#14: すなばピクニック

You would think that this isn't what a main character anime girl like Reina usually listen to. Yet, this is what exactly happened here. Reina, besides having popular artists and creators, also has comparatively more niche songs in her list. The second half, the bass just went absolutely bonkers.

#15: mirror mirror

Wait, this is a song composed by Nakamura Sanso herself?! Expectations blown out of the water. Wow. Very cute, very fun song here.

#16: 藻餉餉(mokeke)

Okay, those kicks are sick. I primarily know gaburyu by their more chill works, but this collaborations adds to it a very unique contrasting element: a kick more usually resembling those in gabber. There is also the synth I first heard from Porter Robinson, that one, I love it.  

#17: Bang!!

Yo, BOOGEY VOXX! This is one of my favorite rising virtual artists. The song in this playlist is the title track of their album of the same name. I really like both Ci's singing and Fra's rapping, both giving this song infectious energy.


Reina, just how many times did you bring NEXT COLOR PLANET in your sets? Geez. Reina might like VTubers really much, but Hoshimachi Suisei's NEXT COLOR PLANET is really good, especially for vibing. It has been proven by Reina bringing this particular song at least two times in her set (Shidomin's SUPERCHAT set, and Reina's 1st GAME set).

#19: More One Night

We're now back to anime area! This is ridiculously catchy. emon and Hige Driver did good. Alas, I've heard that the series this song is from is not as happy as the song sounds like. Mood whiplash, very interesting. Honestly, the people involved in Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou's OP and ED are interesting in on themselves.


Yu Serizawa, DJ KOO, and Motsu. This lineup is very much the power of avex, pretty much. Very surprising and interesting dance tune in Reina's playlist. Very, very catchy, with the song reminding me of eurobeat and EDM elements.

#21: Canary

Compared to previous songs in the playlist, this sounds pretty normal, and totally within expectations of what I think a regular anime girl like Reina would listen to. Which is fortunate, unlike the mind-blowing but also mind-boggling number #14.

#22: 最Ψ最好調!

I think this is a Futaba recommendation. This is definitely a Futaba recommendation. Dempagumi.inc. has more comparatively unique songs than most idol songs. The tempo change is simply unexpected.

#23: ニッポン笑顔百景

This is... another Futaba recommendation, I see? A very oriental track in the playlist for sure, this a quite interesting listen. Also, it has high energy, I like it.

#24: Hand Over

Third Denonbu plug, and fifth TEMPLIME plug. Reina, I think I can safely say your favorite artist is 100% TEMPLIME. Very fun and perfectly encapsulates the vibes of the Akiba unit! Really nice.

#25: tell me tell me - kamome sano remix

I always liked kamome sano's music style, and I like how her sound has diversified significantly from when I first listened her songs. Very stylish.

#26: ステップアップLOVE

DAOKO and Yasuyuki Okamura. Considering this is Akiba we're talking about, it's not surprising that this appears. Still, it is quite catchy to the ears.

#27: エモめの夏

The album the song is from: DAILY BOP. I guess it is accurate, to a degree. A pretty funky tune, and it fits Reina too, I kinda expected that this style of songs will be in.

#28: 音がする

One of the biggest surprises in Reina's song playlist. Future Bass, combined with the freeform Hakushi Hasegawa signature style and voice. This is something I did not expect to see from Reina's playlist, and I'm honestly really ecstatic to see it here. I want to relive the second half of this song repeatedly, it's one of the best future bass sections I've ever heard.

#29: Aqua Loop

Second Shikibu Meguri song, sixth TEMPLIME song. This one's much more EDM-y than their previous songs. A very boppable tune.

#30: Sunday Sunday-Fruit Fool

Cast shout-out. This is in fact composed by a frequent anisong composer, MONACA's Kakeru Ishihama, so it isn't really a surprise this appears here, but a notable fact is that Mitsuki Seto's VA, Sister Claire, is in this song. Very fluffy song, I like it.

#31: プラズマ

Another METRO MEW song. I really like how the song invokes the 90s vibes through the use of their synths. Wow, thank you Reina for bringing this artist through your playlist, I'm going to need to follow METRO MEW for sure...

#32: 気づかない? 気づきたくない?

Itou Miku?! It's been a long while since I listened to her songs, and wow, this song is very very interesting. Mikku really has come a long way. Very stylish, and the middle section is pure fire.

#33: sheep in the light

A Marpril appearance! This track is quite interesting, having elements of both big-room and pop genres. The drop is so damn satisfying.

#34: キラメキライダー☆

Holos. This also has Kakeru Ishihama in charge of composing, but it's a more mainstream idol song. YAGOO's dream lives on in the actual songs written for the Hololive project.

#35: without U

AZKi, and Wataru Sena! Bands with just a bit of addition of electronically produced sounds are one of my fascinations, so it's pretty nice hearing that on this particular song. Furthermore, AZKi pouring a lot of emotion onto her vocals is surprising but really great to hear.

#36: Antigravity Girl

One of my favorite TAKU INOUE songs ever enters the fray. The melodies are the best ones I've heard from TAKU INOUE yet, and the sounds. Oh my, the sounds. They're simply perfect.

Also, congratulations for your major debut, TAKU INOUE. I cannot simply forget when you performed a set in here, during Indonesia Comic-Con. It was an honor to get to meet you in person!

#37: Chant Site!!!!!

This is a very, very interesting song. D.watt produced the song, but I can't help but simply wonder at how the concept of the song was conceived. Chanto chanto chanto!

#38: メロディーズ・メモリーズ

Time for Capchii to shine! Capchii is pretty versatile in terms of style, and I think this one's leaning more towards pop, with a bit of EDM influence. Capchii's production is stellar, as usual.

#39: As Work

Kijibato?! Reina, you have good taste. I approve. That aside, I really like these style of songs, electronic music with just a bit of addition of other instruments like guitars.


Seventh TEMPLIME song. Reina, just how much do you love TEMPLIME? Just how much? Anyway, think it's a garage remix, which fits TEMPLIME nicely. It's a nice sounding remix, I like it.

#41: Midnight Theater

This reminds me of my friend for some reason. It's a very catchy and cute song. Checks composer. Hidekazu Tanaka. Not surprised at all. The composer made some particularly good stuff I listen to very often.

#42: MOON

This is honorary eight TEMPLIME song (KBSNK is TEMPLIME's composer). The vocal sampling techniques reminds me of Hand Over. Pretty fun song.

#43: change my mind

Holy moly, phritz in an anime girl's playlist! One of the more unique song picks in Reina's favorite songs list, I also really like the song. The vocal chops, the strings,

#44: Best Place

RANASOL with KOTONOHOUSE is simply fire. The bass sounds, oh my. Pop and future bass mixed, sign me up.

#45: Decoy

TORIENA has diversified their sound a lot from when I first heard of them, it's pretty nice to listen to those new sounds.

#46: Mintblue Girl

J-Pop sky_delta, and Aitsuki Nakuru! I knew several people who would simp for Nakuru instantly, and I would be inclined to agree there, Nakuru's voice is just special.

#47: ドーナドーナのうた

This is the part where I say, Reina, why do you know about this song? Yes, this is an extremely catchy electronic song, but, again, Reina, why do you know about this song? This is a song from an eroge, Reina. The fact this made it in an official playlist makes this extremely hilarious.

#48: DAYZ

Reina ends her favorite music playlist with YuNi, who had just released her major album recently. Being composed by Giga, the style is quite familiar. The signature big beats they produce is ever present, and I also quite like YuNi's vocals.



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