Welcome to the sixteenth Music Highlights post, where I talk about music I found and liked.

This music highlights post is delayed as part of my transitioning as VTuber, but music of course marches on. This post contains mostly familiar artists, with a fascination of mine too, from songs that will absolutely fit rhythm games, to a mobile game theme song, to a prowess to what the human voice can do.

Now, let's get to the music!

#1: Last Judgement

Starting off this post is one of the new songs revealed during TANO*C Stream #3. Laur's set is one of the most powerful and enjoyable yet, and near the end of the song, they dropped this track, which is a collaboration with another composer I followed, Juggernaut.

In true "versus" fashion, there are parts where each composer basically flexed their music muscles. Juggernaut has some amazing sound design going in there, and Laur also having some deep bass there, and a metal section.

#2: BLUE CLAPPER (Kanzaki Hiro Remix)

Next, the very talented Kanzaki Hiro released a trance remix of another Hololive song. BLUE CLAPPER originally is a very energetic dance track, but Kanzaki Hiro transformed the song into an uplifting trance, something that wouldn't be out of place in shows like A State of Trance.

I like the extended version more because what I think as one of the hallmarks of the genre is the longer duration to allow to accomodate for the longer build-ups trance music usually have.

#3: paradøx (かめりあ’s “fallaciøus” remix)

Then, there's one of the more unexpected appearances. Yet another new Camellia track! But, they're remixing a VTuber song?! I'm pretty fascinated by the style Camellia decided to go here, which I also did not expect, going surprisingly pretty close to rhythm game territory.

It is, unsurprisingly, very Camellia. While the original is closer to regular EDM, Camellia put really sick drops in it. The second half reminds me of Camellia's 200step songs.

#4: 白夜

After that, let's talk about a new song from Reol! Well, I put this here not so much because of Reol, but because of the appearance of composer KOTONOHOUSE, who wrote this song. First of all, I always enjoy seeing more from Japanese electronic music producers, and especially KOTONOHOUSE, but more importantly, this is the theme song of the recently-released game Alchemy Stars.

This song is actually the reason I tried out the game. Trying out the game, I found another reason to keep playing it: the main girl is voiced by Tomori Kusunoki! Should I write about it?

#5: 1!2!3!4!

Finally, let's talk about one of my recent fascinations. I am recently really fascinated by the beatbox group SARUKANI, and I'm glad they got in the GBB21 World League in the Crew category! Their wildcard entry for the category is this song, 1!2!3!4!, involving the four numbers.

I basically never even knew of beatbox groups like them until some of the composers I follow did remixes of their song ULTRA POWER. I, being curious about who they are, listened to some of their songs, and I've never been the same ever since. I am still amazed at what the human voice can do.

That concludes this Music Highlights post, see you on July!



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