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Music Highlights #7

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Hello, and welcome to the seventh post of Music Highlights, where I talk about music I particularly like.

This time, the recent releases are king, and I don't have much difficulty in compiling a list. So without further ado, here is the Music Highlights this time:

#1: AttraqtiA

First, it's Camellia putting out a rhythm game-style track again. This time, the song is released simultaneously at two different rhythm games, Arcaea and CHUNITHM. It's a tradition at this point for Camellia to apologize for breaking players' hands after releasing a rhythm game track. I haven't got my hands broken yet, but I will soon.

As for the song itself, it is certainly quite tricky, with several music patterns that sounds quite challenging if put into a rhythm game.


Next, we have a new release from Snail's House. This one's clearly game-inspired, huh. While this isn't the first time a Snail's House song like this appeared, this time is still as fun! I imagine myself just speeding through levels in a game when I listen to this song. Very enjoyable.

#3: Look at the Sky

Then, a release from Porter Robinson. Look at the Sky is still as impactful as the previous releases from the nurture album. This time, the message is a reason for hope:

I see Look at the Sky as a mantra to remind myself that there's good reason for hope, and that people can meaningfully improve themselves and the world.
- Description of Look at the Sky's lyric video

The last time a single from the nurture album was released, I wrote a post because of it. Porter also seems to be a favorite of creators too, because of just how inspiring and now relatable his works are. Really great.

#4: réaliser

This time, it's a song originating from brand new idol series IDOLY PRIDE, specifically the group TRINITYAiLE. With all three casts belonging to popular seiyuu unit TrySail, and producer kz being in charge for the current songs so far, well, no wonder.

Compared to their first song Aile to Yell, réaliser seems more chill by comparison. Aile to Yell sounds like it's kz's work alright, reminiscence of songs like ClariS' PRIMALove. réaliser is something that I have only heard in more recent works so far, like Rin Shizuka's Aimless Story. I like this one.


Finally, the final single from CY8ER. First of all, even though I've only known CY8ER for a short while (literally shortly before the announcement that CY8ER will be disbanding on 2021), it's a group that I've been keeping on, because of their very interesting songs. I'll definitely remember them, and their legacy will live on (I posted about a CY8ER cover released literally 8 days before the final live on #6, they will be remembered).

Endroll also definitely sounds like a recent Yunomi song, with some of the sounds there I recognized from other recent Yunomi songs. While this song is certainly on a sadder note, the signture is definitely still here.  

That concludes this Music Highlights post, see you next post!

While in between this one and the previous Music Highlights, I had my final exams. However, this does not stop me from listening to music, and I found several that I liked. This Music Highlights are quite varied, but probably leans to the hard side.

January of this year has been pretty great to me, including music releases! While I also cover some 2020 releases here, the 2021 ones are very interesting.

In the festivities, I bring you some of the songs that I dig a lot.