Welcome to the 17th post of the Session Log series!

Yesterday I attended a JKT48 circus event In Bandung. The place hosting it also have an SDVX machine, so I played. 2D and 3D idols in one place, haha.

I don’t have many things to say about JKT48 Circus, only a 2-shot photo with Pucchi that is taken, so yeah, this post primarily talks about SOUND VOLTEX.

With that being said, on to the session.

I always got caught off-guard at those slow-downs. One more step and I would have cleared this song.
Love this song, love this chart. Very happy, and I’m happy too!
I didn’t expect this to happen. This is normally a very hard song, and requires a lot of stamnia to clear. However, I got like some boost of energy here.
My friend came here when I played this song. I still got the EXCESSIVE CLEAR, thanks to that sudden energy boost.
Another song where I can feel the energy boost. This day is truly wonderful.
I just say this: ginkiha delivers. I played this repeatedly, because it’s so nice.
I should have been able to ULTIMATE CHAIN this, but alas, I screwed up at the end.
I don’t have enough words to describe this. It’s just a regular 17 chart, I think.
I expect rE:Voltagers that got S, but it was Liar rain instead.
I got the screwy parts of SACRIFICE, but I suddenly can read those confusing notes.
This is probably a bit right after that 2-shot photo. My favorite song of the EXTRACK unlock chain, but it is very hard. Love-hate, indeed.

This concludes this session log. See you next log!



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