Welcome to the twenty-fifth post of my SOUND VOLTEX Session Log!

Before I start, let me tell where I am at currently.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the arcade I usually play at will get closed for two weeks from now, so I'm currently unable to play SOUND VOLTEX. The scores below are before the arcade closure took effect. In the meantime, I'll be trying out more games, because of self-isolation. I will also stream some of those gameplays for those interested.

Let's dive in straight to the main topic: HEXADIVER!

HEXADIVER: Less skill in exchange for more grinding

HEXADIVER is a new unlock system that is introduced with The 9th KAC song updates. Each song has a barrier HP, similiar to the existing Blaster Gate. However, the damage for clearing a song differs. HEXADIVER also has an adjustable rate with its HEXATIVE RATE system. HEXATIVE RATE has ranks from 1 to 5, with higher ranks being harder but deals more damage. Clearing a difficulty with HR5 instantly unlocks that difficulty and lower. If you managed to use HR5, it feels really similar to skill-based Omega Dimension, but if you have a Dyscontrolled Galaxy moment and can't clear one chart on HR5, you can use lower rates to slowly unlock it.

HEXADIVER reflects on the previous Omega Dimension unlock system, and in my opinion, better.

Now, onto the scores.

ZENITH MXM 18 9795490
ZENITH is the first HEXADIVER song I cleared on HR5. 
SAMURAI TIGER is my second HEXADIVER clear with HR5. It took a few tries because of some patterns, but it worked out.
Katharsis MXM 18 9731152
Katharsis' BPM change make it really hard to clear with HR5, and is one of the last ones to be unlocked.
9TH5IN MXM 19 9821907
9TH5IN is a 19 song that I cleared on HR4, because it is relatively easier than other 19s in this batch. No weird patterns.
Iro wo ushinatta machi MXM 19 9576107
Camellia rocks, and the charts are hell as usual. Still a bit easier than Dyscontrolled Galaxy, though.
Hare Tokidoki Melancholic MXM 17 10000000 (PUC)
One notable record: my first level 17 PUC!

The remaining song to be unlocked are ЯeviveR and 色を喪った街. Both are hard songs on their own regard, with 色を喪った街's hard parts and ЯeviveR's infamous Bangin' Burst-like buttons.

This concludes the session log post. See you when the pandemic is over!



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