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SOUND VOLTEX Session Log #1

1 min read

Welcome to the first iteration of the Session Log! Every regular and irregular sessions will be documented in those session log posts, usually scores and plays worth mentioning.

Without further ado, let’s see today’s plays!

I’ve been trying to AAA+ this on first update, but alas, it only happens this session.
This song is driving me nuts with the techniques used. Only finally I have AAA now.
2 misses at the very end. Argh!
This one is long overdue. The ending was preventing me from unlocking this.
But darn the ending is preventing me from clearing it!

Also, it seems that my high scores are always on the first day of an update, my other plays are not even close.

So, yeah, that’s for today. See you on the next session log!

My last games of 2019 and hopes for 2020.

This session log is basically a report for my Volforce class upgrade. I finally managed to get to 19.00!

This session log mainly discusses about new high scores on older songs, to measure how much I improved since I visited those songs a long time ago.