SOUND VOLTEX Session Log #10

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SOUND VOLTEX Session Log #10



Welcome to yet again another session log!

First, a notice.

As seen at my YouTube channel, I started to publish Revue Starlight Re:LIVE content. This is due to the changing setup at SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE, and the possibility that I could not upload for a while if I only posted SOUND VOLTEX content, so I started recording mobile games too. Also of note is that I’m suddenly into Junna Hoshimi for some reason, so I decided to play Re:LIVE. Soon, I will also post about Revue Starlight too here, but I can’t give an estimate on when yet.

Now, without further ado, the log itself.

This song is the first I know SDVX. Now it has a HVN, and now I’ve UC’ed it. Bana-nice! Also note the player name change. Again, I suddenly like her.
My Booths of Fighters score got another leap. I somehow keep getting better at this song every session.
For UltraPlayers HVN also got another high score. It’s just almost there though.
Atropa bella dona MXM is now AAA+ grade. This one is annoying actually.

That concludes this session log. See you next log!



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