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SOUND VOLTEX Session Log #10

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Welcome to yet again another session log!

First, a notice.

As seen at my YouTube channel, I started to publish Revue Starlight Re:LIVE content. This is due to the changing setup at SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE, and the possibility that I could not upload for a while if I only posted SOUND VOLTEX content, so I started recording mobile games too. Also of note is that I’m suddenly into Junna Hoshimi for some reason, so I decided to play Re:LIVE. Soon, I will also post about Revue Starlight too here, but I can’t give an estimate on when yet.

Now, without further ado, the log itself.

This song is the first I know SDVX. Now it has a HVN, and now I’ve UC’ed it. Bana-nice! Also note the player name change. Again, I suddenly like her.
My Booths of Fighters score got another leap. I somehow keep getting better at this song every session.
For UltraPlayers HVN also got another high score. It’s just almost there though.
Atropa bella dona MXM is now AAA+ grade. This one is annoying actually.

That concludes this session log. See you next log!

Welcome to the twenty first session log! This post mainly discuss about new high scores on older songs, to measure how much I improved since I visited those songs a long time ago.

Welcome to the twentieth session log. This blog post actually covers last month’s update, the one with Nhelv in it, but I only got to post this now. Now,

It’s kinda overdue, but it’s that time of the year again. A new phase of Omega Dimension has started! I unlocked all level 18s, and unlocked one 19