SOUND VOLTEX Session Log #20

2 min read

Welcome to the twentieth session log.

This blog post actually covers last month’s update, the one with Nhelv in it, but I only got to post this now. Now, the scores.

Pan delivers a great song and the MAXIMUM chart is reasonable.
This one is, um, a little less reasonable, but playing this is still fun.
The BOF2017 winner song. The song is a very unique neurofunk and the video is surreal too. The MAXIMUM is on the low side for an 18, but satisfying.
Another BMS song, this time the first time I knew this from was Cytus. Also a little less reasonable, but still fun.
Achieving a new high score is always nice, and this time, on a harder song.
Trill Auf G is one of the songs where you can score easily if you know how.

In this session log, I cover the new HEXADIVER system, its songs, and an update on the pandemic situation.

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