SOUND VOLTEX Session Log #21

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Welcome to the twenty first session log! This post mainly discusses about new high scores on older songs, to measure how much I improved since I visited those songs a long time ago.

I rate this as the hardest Automation medley currently available.
Firestorm EXH 18 9821697
Playing the classic Firestorm. I can do better.
Ops:Code-Rapture- EXH 18 9887452
It's so close to a S grade...
Harpuia HVN 18 9871970
I got better at Harfueea, good thing.
OZONE GRV 18 9930286
OZONE has a high chain amount, and is not too hard, so I was able to get an S here.
C18H27NO3 HVN 18 9894736
Another close call. There are a lot of close calls....
Ongaku -resolve- VVD 19 9814058
Ongaku -Resolve-'s VVD chart is a blessing.
Rakugakist VVD 19 9797543
Yet another close call.
ultra turbo MXM 17 9973666
Ultimate Chain in level 17!
Rakugakist VVD 19 9849863
Finally AAA+! This song is dense, but survivable.
Ultimate Ascension EXH 18 9912776
This one is long overdue, I just hadn't played it in a while.
Navigator Kouga Ciel Nana
Sakazuki MXM 19 9799065
THE close call. 
Deadly force MXM 19 9665354
The timing is hard here, so I can't get higher scores yet.
Immortal Saga MXM 19 9847691
Improved rapid button mashing.
Preserved Valkyria GRV 19 9692982
I still haven't got the hang of this song, but at least no silly mistakes anymore.

See you next post!

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