SOUND VOLTEX Session Log #21

2 min read

Welcome to the twenty first session log! This post mainly discusses about new high scores on older songs, to measure how much I improved since I visited those songs a long time ago.

I rate this as the hardest Automation medley currently available.
Firestorm EXH 18 9821697
Playing the classic Firestorm. I can do better.
Ops:Code-Rapture- EXH 18 9887452
It's so close to a S grade...
Harpuia HVN 18 9871970
I got better at Harfueea, good thing.
OZONE GRV 18 9930286
OZONE has a high chain amount, and is not too hard, so I was able to get an S here.
C18H27NO3 HVN 18 9894736
Another close call. There are a lot of close calls....
Ongaku -resolve- VVD 19 9814058
Ongaku -Resolve-'s VVD chart is a blessing.
Rakugakist VVD 19 9797543
Yet another close call.
ultra turbo MXM 17 9973666
Ultimate Chain in level 17!
Rakugakist VVD 19 9849863
Finally AAA+! This song is dense, but survivable.
Ultimate Ascension EXH 18 9912776
This one is long overdue, I just hadn't played it in a while.
Navigator Kouga Ciel Nana
Sakazuki MXM 19 9799065
THE close call. 
Deadly force MXM 19 9665354
The timing is hard here, so I can't get higher scores yet.
Immortal Saga MXM 19 9847691
Improved rapid button mashing.
Preserved Valkyria GRV 19 9692982
I still haven't got the hang of this song, but at least no silly mistakes anymore.

See you next post!

In this session log, I'll be covering the latest update which includes a new game mode called PREMIUM TIME, new songs, and new blaster unlocks!