SOUND VOLTEX Session Log #16

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Welcome to the sixteenth post of the session log!

This log covers the newer updates, like the Coconatsu VIVID charts, new 8th KAC songs, and Liar rain and rE:Voltagers from the PC version of SOUND VOLTEX cross to the arcade version. Enjoy!

I absolutely love this Coconatsu song, and with the new VIVID chart here, I couldn’t be happier.
I struggled with this song. The patterns are a bit unfamiliar even after second play.
This song may familiarities with ENERGY SYMMETRY MATRIX, but it’s different enough to be my favorite SOUND VOLTEX PC version song. I think I can aim for grade S on this song too.
Also, an UC on the EXH difficulty of rE:Voltagers!
An unexpected high score on GEOMETRIA! I regard this song as one that needs precise accuracy, because of its low chain count.
Verdammt’s song is here again. This is not a meme like SDVX IV’s Hitoribocchi no Maou, instead, it’s a beautiful song. I think I can hear a recorder too, but it’s better than the meme song haha.
Liar rain’s EXH difficulty is nice, but I slipped somewhere, so it’s not an ULTIMATE CHAIN unlike the rE:Voltagers one above.
Liar rain’s MAXIMUM difficulty is fun, but I think it takes time to get used to. It’s still enjoyable regardless.

That concludes this session log. See you on next update or session!

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