Welcome to the twenty-second post!

This session log is basically a report for my Volforce class upgrade. I finally managed to get to 19.00 volforce! I've been longing to get this since the release of VIVID WAVE, so I'm quite glad this worked out.

Now, we're going to get to the log.

One In A Billion (Hedonist Remix) MXM 17 9901065
This is a nice remix. it's also a bit easier as a 17 I think.
Yuriyurarararayuriyura (yuzen remix) MXM 17 9929356
My focus seems to be aiming S grade on literally everything
Roki MXM 17 9836601
Roki is problematic. There are lots of nasty surprises, and it has a low chain count too.
Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos Sol oscuro Nya mix MXM 17 9888571
This chart is knob-heavy, and has some gimmicks up its sleeves.
OVERFLOW MXM 18 9910947
In this day, I thought about trying to achieve 19.00 Volforce, so I aimed at S grade on level 18s. This is the first level 18 S of the day.
Barbless Ego GRV 18 9916615
I haven't been able to achieve S in this song, but I finally got it.
Muryoudaisuu MXM 18 9911057
This is also an overdue one, I mean look at the previous high score :')
GAIA MXM 18 9943977
A lot of those level 18 S grades are those that are just a little bit short of S.
Previously I almost always got 9,89m on this chart. Glad now it doesn't happen anymore.
Triple Counter MXM 18 9916081
The song that puts me in Crimson definitely. There's a missed knob, but I still got S due to the high chain count.

See you next log!



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