Welcome to the twenty-third post in the Session Log series!

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! For 2020, I plan to continue writing game stuff, but start writing more game reviews. I have games that are waiting to be reviewed, all kinds of stuff. In the future, I might write about game updates too. I also hope to post more often in my blog, write at least once a week.

Now, to the plays.

Xronier MXM 20 9414308
Christmas miracle. I unlocked Xronier, suddenly.
WHITEOUT MXM 20 9483204
Xronier unlock opens a new pathway. I cleared around 3 to 4 level 20s on that session.
FIN4LE MXM 20 9507684
I reached AA+ on FIN4LE, and not HE4VEN, strangely.
HE4VEN MXM 20 9495145
HE4VEN got so close to AA+...
Cloud Crasher GRV 18 9893006
A few thousand short of grade S for this hard 18 chart.
Lancelot ~Flame of the Rebellion~ MXM 19 9776304
Lancelot is a beautiful song, but strange chart.
Sakazuki MXM 19 9824766
AAA+ on Sakazuki is something that I almost got, but very close to it (the previous high score)
EgO MXM 20 9645988
I cleared Ego MXM! 
Elemental Creation MXM 19 9825932
Another 19 that I got a new AAA+ high score on. I played some 19s I haven't played for quite some time, to take advantage of my Christmas miracle here.
Kyokuken HVN 19 9834596
Yet another 18 I got a new AAA+ on.
GERBERA For Finalists MXM 19 9780478
GERBERA For Finalists is considered a hard 19. Thank you, Christmas miracle.
Feels Seasickness MXM 20 9437566
And finally, unlocked Feels Seasickness.

See you next log, and looking forward to a great 2020 and a great decade!



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