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Welcome to the twenty fourth session log post!

In this session log, I'll be covering the latest update which includes a new game mode called PREMIUM TIME, new songs, and new blaster unlocks!

The PREMIUM TIME mode is similar to the PREMIUM FREE mode of beatmania IIDX, where you have a set amount of time to play instead of a set amount of tracks. You can also quickly retry the playing song or TRACK CRASH immediately to return to song selection screen.

The new songs are from the BEMANI Song Remix Contest, and also VIVID WAVE's background music. The blaster unlocks is interesting, having Shanghai Kouchakan ~ Chinese Tea Orchid Remix and #Fairy_dancing_in_lake. I only tried Shanghai Kouchakan and not #Fairy_dancing_in_lake because of it's odd chart. I'll probably unlock it later.

Now, let's review stuff.

The chart of this SOUND VOLTEX background music is a bit strange, but it's still fun playing it.
Seraphim EXH 18 9898809
This is a very close call. Very.
Shanghai Kouchakan  ~ Chinese Tea Orchid Remix VVD 18 9867060
This is the VIVID chart I'm waiting for. Very fun to play.
Fly Like You MXM 19 9672588
This is definitely the one song I didn't expect to have a new high score on.
Joyeuse VVD 18 9291587 9582542 9512966

See you next post!